The School Above the Clouds

The School Above the Clouds is a dream school that ensures the sustainable development of every young person. It is a place that not only prepares you to take exams, but also supports the development of passion and talents. I believe that schools should just make these dreams come true!

Very quickly in my teaching career, I realized that education does not end with school. It just starts there. School cannot always provide young people with the maximum experience. That is why it is so important to involve the Children in activities outside the program and to promote building interpersonal relationships. As a teacher, I feel obliged to help young people find their own path. For my students, I will knock on every door. After all, the world is full of possibilities.


Almost three years ago, on a train from Zakopane, the idea was born to sing Astor Piazzolla's compositions for Pope Francis. Thanks to determination, incredible human kindness, and my persistence, my 'young wolves' - Janek and Piotr - fulfilled this dream in the heart of the Vatican. Today, looking at their smiles in the Roman sun, I felt like the happiest teacher in the world.

The very next day, we performed one of our most important concerts – for those who need it the most. Faith and hard work open every door!

You can read more about this event here..

--- HERE I STAND ---

An international theater project that brought together three conflicted nations with a difficult history: Poles, Russians and Germans. Young people got to know their history and culture and wrote a play under the supervision of a professional director, which was staged at the National Theater of Germany and Poland. The project built bridges of understanding and strengthened international discourse.

As a result, all groups developed closer relationships and learned to listen to each other. Polish students promoted Polish "Solidarity" Movement and the heroism of Irena Sendler.



International project of the Global Teacher Prize finalist Khuramm Shahzad, which I implemented together with 4 classes i Żmichowska school. The program lasted 4 weeks and was extremely important, as it promoted a balance between work and study. This is extremely crucial at a time, when the society forces us to live faster and to become more successful. The project also included cooperation with the parents of the Children. Many of them later shared with me on how much they understood after the realisation of this project.

Self-esteem can only develop in an environment where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes tolerated, communication is open, rules are flexible - the kind of environment found in a healthy family where the members nurture each other.


--- LET'S TALK! ---

The art of skillfully conveying thoughts in public is very valuable in today's world. I make sure that my students acquire this knowledge under the watchful eye of professionals. 


Training and preparing students for the National Public Speaking Contest. Thanks to their hard work, my students took 2 first places in Poland!


10-week project developing public speaking skills for Żmichowska's students, culminated in an examination and obtaining a certificate from "Szkoła Młodego Mówcy".