Social activity

In my work, many times I have been involved in social projects and charity. With my students, we know that nothing is impossible and we prove every day how much can be done for other people.

--- MY WORK ---

In a fast-paced world, it is often easy to forget how much we have. Therefore, in addition to projects developing our talents, I also open up opportunities for Children to engage in charity and help others in need. It's wonderful how much good can be done for the world! Thanks to joint initiatives, my students understood that each of us is able to provide real help to the world.

--- UGANDA ---

A 2-year care for an orphanage in Uganda. We conducted 12 lessons about Poland and Uganda. During the campaign, we sent 4 packages to our friends from Africa. Thanks to us, the Children received books, stationery and ate cookies for the first time! The Youth developed a closer relationship with the students of the Ugandan school and had a chance to meet them online.


One day, on one of the social networks, I saw a message asking for support for a sick child, little Brailey.

I asked students from my school to write letters supporting a girl who was seriously ill. Young people were very eager to write letters and made drawings for their friend in need. We also sent her sweets and small gifts.

With hundreds of letters Brailey's Mom made an album and shared it with the community of our school. It was an extremely touching event for all of us.


--- INTO SPACE ---

I really like making my students' dreams come true. In 2017, I got involved in a project to send a student to a research center in the United States.

Thanks to the support of one of my parents, I was able to help my student to travel to NASA's training facility in Huntsville, Alabama. During her stay at the U.S Space Rocket Center, Kasia had the opportunity to fly on spacecraft flight simulators, be responsible for challenges, such as a mission in space. She could walk on the surface of the moon and learn to be the leader of the group. Kasia's application was selected as one of 6 winners out of as many as 200 submitted works.

--- SOS 4 LOVE ---

SOS4LOVE is an international action led by the Global Teacher Prize finalist - Aggelika Pappa from Greece. It is an initiative promoting the idea of peace and sustainable development all over the world. As part of this program, we completed several project tasks and performed at 3 large concerts for the school community that took part in the project.