The wing farm

How do I work with my students? There is a reason I like to call my studio "The wing farm". Each of my students is unique. I want the "final product" of the school to be a sensitive, well-read, open and respectful person, who is not only thinking about the goal, but apart from all, appreciating the path that is needed to gain knowledge. 


What do you associate the word "EDUCATION" with? Probably with a pile of notebooks, tons of sleepless nights and a constant rat race?

Exactly. I used to think so too.

More than 20 years of experience has taught me that education not necessarily mean "boring" classes at school, constant and tedious repetition of the content and passing all these quizes, tests, exams... To me, education is a process, a road, a relationship.

Education should not be an end in itself. It is a continuous experience and self-improvement. As Confucius himself said, "it is not the goal that matters, but the path to the goal." 

"It is not the goal that matters, but the path to the goal".

- Confucius

Well, then what should this road then be?

I wish to all the students in the world that it would be as winding, extraordinary and unique as possible! This is the reason why I have chosen to teach foreign languages, because thanks to them, this path can also lead you to various corners of the world.

During my English and German classes, I introduce curriculum content using various and interesting methods. During the lessons, we use the lyrics of songs, famous movies, books and lectures. And then we discuss them all - in a foreign language, of course!

We talk about important matters. I am not afraid to raise controversial political, cultural or religious topics. It's worth talking - thanks to this we get to know other perspectives and learn to listen to each other.

And young people have VERY MUCH to tell us! 

Our conversations sometimes turn into an inter-school discourse, which we finalize by actions, such as, graphic designs, in which we write down our observations on colored sheets. I believe that written thoughts become more tangible and help us understand the reality around us. In this way, we have finalized projects such as My Magical Dust or SOS4LOVE!


Both my students and myself - we love traveling - both abroad and closer. Therefore, I try to provide all my pupils with the possibility of such trips. I also take them with me to international conferences. Joint trips allow us to tighten our bonds, but most of all to broaden our horizons.  






Extracurricular activities are crucial in the process of spreading wings. Therefore, together with the Youth, we take part in joint projects at the local, national and international level.

In this way, we develop school projects such as: Żmichowska sings, "Theater Walker", or the "Żmichowska Amateur Theater Festival". But we also participate in larger projects such as "Here I Stand", "Music Teachers For Global Peace", or "Zapracuj Smartphonem".

Together, we take care of each other, strengthen ties and build a school community with unbreakable bonds. I stay in touch with my students for many years after leaving school!