My greatest successes are the successes of my pupils, because behind each student stands a teacher, who is curious, open and passionate. All the awards I have received are the result of our hard work.


I am a laureate and finalist of many national and international competitions. And although I have never taught for awards and honours, I know that many of these awards opened new gates for me, thanks to which I could gain even more for my Children. I am simply very grateful for these acknowledgements. Thank you to everyone who believes in me!

Being a finalist for the Irena Sendler Award filled me with deep emotion and gratitude for the recognition of my work as a teacher.

I would like to express my special gratitude to the Center for Civic Education, thank my students for their support and trust, and dedicate this distinction to my beloved grandparents.

I also heartily congratulate Jakub Tylman – his remarkable achievements are an inspiration to us all. You can read more about this event here..


The winner of the Plebiscite in the Science and Education category.

I am touched because this was a competition for which I was nominated by the Youth. I am very grateful that during this difficult time, and the coronavirus pandemic, they still consider me as an effective person.

I dedicated this award to my grandparents, Stefania and Kazimierz. They taught me diligence and respect for people. 


An award for which I was nominated by my students to show their gratefulness for the contribution and hard work devoted to the development of their education.

As part of this award, my story has been described and published alongside 30 other wonderful and comforting testimonies of teacher-student relationships.

It was especially important to me because I always emphasize to all my pupils that relationships are the most important in life.


TEACHER OF THE YEAR - 2016 and 2019

In 2016, a finalist, and in 2019 - the winner of the award in the prestigious, national competition Teacher of the Year.

The award, for which I was nominated by the students, which, apart from being a great honor for me, also opened up more opportunities for me in developing my projects and ideas for the school and the Youth. Therefore, it is especially close to my heart.



The first global award in which I was recognized as the best teacher in the world!

The Global Teacher Award aims to reach all countries of the world and identify great teachers who have made outstanding contributions to their profession. This award aims to select teachers who have demonstrated excellence in teaching a variety of subjects and have served the community by teaching even outside of official classrooms.

I cannot believe that I am in this group!


In 2016 finalist, and in 2018 - the winner of the first prize!

A nationwide competition for English language teachers organized by the British Alumni Society and Oxford University Press.

As part of the award, I received a dozen coaching sessions that extremely developed me in teaching.

As part of these events, I was invited to a meeting with the UK ambassador.


2nd prize in the category of secondary schools.

High prestige award For the Żmichowska sings 4 project.

The goal of the Warsaw Cultural Education Award is to promote the best projects in the field of cultural education carried out in Warsaw. The organizer and founder of the Warsaw Cultural Education Award is the Capital City of Warsaw.


I am a laureate of 12 awards from the headmaster of the school where I teach. It is very important to me that my work is appreciated not only externally but also in our smaller school community. On the occasion of the centenary of the school's existence, I was honored with the Narcyza Prize for outstanding achievements in educational and didactic work for the development of the School.

I was also awarded twice by the mayor of the capital city of Warsaw.


The awards are a great gesture of gratitude for my many years of work, but it is the Youth that rewards me most for the effort put into their upbringing and education. The greatest gift to me is their gratitude.